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Last holiday, I went to Baluran National Park to participate some event there. That is 2nd Annual Birding Competition. At 19.30 pm me and my friends (Khaleb, Ilham, Ady, Najib, Nai, Putri, Agi and Irul) went to Surabaya by train from Gambir Station and arrived at 07.00 am. Then we went to Putri’s house to take a rest, take a bath, lunch and anything. At 02.00 pm we went to Baluran National Park by bus and arrived at 01.45 am. We were looking for some place to put our bags and take a rest. Finally we decided to go to mosque to put our bags and go to sleep.
At 04.30 am we woke up and saw many people prayed in front of us. We were surprised and confused. And then we went out from mosque with freak face. In the morning we took a bath and prepared to go to camp.
We are dropped to camp by truck and arrived at 01.00 pm. After we arrived we built the tent and took a rest.
On the way when I went to camp, I felt so surprised and excited. Because I saw the wide savannah. It is the first time for me! I also saw many macaca running here and there, much kind of birds, swarm of butterfly and many more.
On the evening, I and all of my friends went to Bama beach. On the way we went to Bama, we found much kind of birds like Coppersmith barbet, flock of oriental pied hornbill, collared kingfisher, spotted dove and java pond Herron.
The next day, the birding competition was beginning. On the first day match me, Khaleb and Ilham got 33 kinds of birds some of them are sooty headed bulbul, black drongo, changeable hawk eagle, green peafowl and thighed falconet.
On the second day match me, Khaleb and Ilham felt not on fire to bird watching. So we just got 21 kinds of bird, some of them are fulvous breasted woodpecker, edible nest swiftlet, black nest swiftlet, little swift, grey rumped tree swift, pink neck green pigeon and orange breasted green pigeon. Birding competition was finish.
Next day, me and all of my friends decided to go to Bama again. Before we arrived at Bama, we went to center tower and took some picture for our documentation. Then we continued the trip to Bama. After we arrived at Bama, we enjoyed the Bama’s atmosphere. Bama is the beautiful beach!!
The following day is the closing event. We say goodbye to all of friends from other groups. We dropped again by truck to Batangan and we were go home by travel.
It’s the best experience in my live and I’ll miss that moment of course!!
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