Due to the celebration of World Wetlands Days 2013, and to recovery the last wetland forest in Jakarta from flood attacked on last January 17th, Transformasi Hijau will held an event with the titled “Trash Buster” on February 9th 2013. Same with the previous Trash Buster, we as urban people in Jakarta are invited to give our awareness to the last natural wetland forest in Jakarta. Muara Angke Wildlife Sanctuary is the last natural wetland forest in Jakarta. Here, we will watching the massive of animal and bird life like most national parks. I think, watching wildlife is relaxing wherever we are.

Based on a study by the Institute of Mangrove Research and Development (IMReD), SMMA is a mangrove forest still found today along the bay, serving as the habitat of wild animals, particularly birds. Data indicates the existence of 76 bird species, of which 17 are protected and 50 others endemic, with 10 migratory birds for company. 

Jakartans have reason to be proud of the rich resources of vegetation in SMMA. It is a muddy marsh forest where 42 plant species grow, 11 of which are under the mangrove family such as pidada (Sonneratia caseolaris), bakau(Rhizopora spp), nipah (Nypa fruticans) and Api-api (Avicennia marina). Among the wild animal species there are the python (Python reticulates), cobra (Naja sputatrix), belang or striped snake (Bungarus fasciatus), biawak or monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) and macaque (Macaca fascularis).

Due to the flood attacked in Jakarta last January 17th, Muara Angke is filled with Garbage. Plastics and Styrofoam would disturb the balance of ecosystem in Muara Angke. So, the Trash Buster is conducted. All the people who have the awareness to help Muara Angke in recovery from the flood are invited to participated in. We will clean the garbage as we can, plunge to the mud, and lifted all the garbage which have the potential to disturb the balancing of wetlands ecosystem. 

I love this part when I plunge my body into the mud, same when we are planting mangrove. Although our clothes must be dirty, but here we will feel how the wildlife actually, because we never know what are inside the mud: snake, biawak or just garbage.

Reported by: Bambang Sutrisno