Do you know birdwatching? I think it is a fun activities. Birdwatching is an activities to identify, learn and classify local bird in a region. Birdwatcher usually use binocular and some book to identify bird such as SKJB(Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Bali) written by John Mackinnon. This book usually use as guide most of birdwatcher in Indonesia.

First time I learn about birdwatching when my organization held an event named ‘Nature Spy and Birdwatching’ in Muara Angke Concervation Place, last wetland forest in Jakarta. Here many birds transit in their migration cycle.

Since last year, My friend, Tata started to run a project with the titled “Birds and Open Green Space for the Future Green City”. These project persuade people to maximize the using of open green space in the city. One of the method by doing Birdwatching. Park, City Forest, and other open green space become habitat for the birds in the city. But, in reality, Many open green space change to develop many buildings or other public area as mall. Whereas, open green space have function to balancing ecosystem in the city.

Now, with the project, Me and My friends try to invite young people, especially in my organization to have picnic not in Mall, but in City Park or other open green space in our city.

Reported by Bambang Sutrisno